cakes, cupcakes, cookies and a wedding dress cake!

valentine's day heart shaped chocolate covered rice krispie treats tray

here are some my latest additions…!!

My latest sweet creations!

spongebob birthday cake

Here are some cake and sweet creations that have been keeping me busy!!  

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Decorating with my Nieces

Decorating Supplies

The other day my mom and I were at Homegoods-which is such an awesome place-and we saw Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake Mix. So of course we had to purchase it and I knew that my nieces would absolutely love to help me decorate these strawberry flavored desserts! In fact, Alexis was even Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween!… [Continue Reading]

Kelly’s Monogrammed Cupcakes


Graduations are so special and such an exciting experience.  It marks a change in time and a movement towards new beginnings.  So, when I was asked to make cupcakes to celebrate Kelly’s graduation – I was so excited! I asked her mom – who is adorable – about Kelly’s favorite things and color preferences.  Maureen… [Continue Reading]

Princess Reagan’s Birthday Cake


I think at one point in every girl’s life, she secretly wants to be a princess.  But hopefully most of us grow out of this phase…however, it’s still fun to pretend sometimes with little girls. I made this princess cake for four year Reagan’s Birthday party.  When I asked her mom about Reagan’s interests, there… [Continue Reading]

Easter’s almost here!


I don’t know about you, but I love Easter.  I love that Easter is a time to be with my family and celebrate and make awesome desserts and decorations!  I also love that it’s Spring and the beginning of nice weather (hopefully) and that it usually marks the time when you can open the windows… [Continue Reading]

I do!

wedding peeps

I just love PEEPS. I mean who doesn’t?!! I was at the grocery store the other day and they had a special on PEEPS so I couldn’t resist buying them. Well,  I was feeling extra inspired and had my upcoming wedding on my mind and so I grabbed my PEEPS and went to work. I… [Continue Reading]

Fun with Cupcakes

lemon flower cupcakes

If you know me, or if you read this blog, you know that I love cupcakes.  I mean, who doesn’t love a bite size treat of cake and icing?!  And they’re even better topped or filled! I think the reason cupcakes are so fun is that you can do a lot of different things with them… [Continue Reading]

It’s a Peep Show on Cupcakes Take the Cake!!

Peep Cupcakes

I am so excited to be featured on Cupcakes Take The Cake!  I LOVE this site as you can tell because I have them on my favorites page.  They always have fun and inspiring cupcakes on their blog and I read their page daily…maybe even more than once a day…twice?…three times? Here’s the link if… [Continue Reading]

Spring is here

image from martha stewart

  All this talk about spring made me think of Easter and how much I enjoy making festive lamb and bunny cakes. So, I decided to search for some Easter ideas to update my portfolio and maybe pick a new dessert to make this year…or maybe two…three…or four…we’ll see what happens… My first stop on… [Continue Reading]

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