Kelly’s Monogrammed Cupcakes

Graduations are so special and such an exciting experience.  It marks a change in time and a movement towards new beginnings.  So, when I was asked to make cupcakes to celebrate Kelly’s graduation – I was so excited!

I asked her mom – who is adorable – about Kelly’s favorite things and color preferences.  Maureen informed me that Kelly wanted to incorporate yellow to represent “new beginnings” and purple because that was her aunt’s favorite color.  She wanted to include her aunt Eleanor into her celebration since she passed away a little over a year ago.  Eleanor was such a wonderful, special and incredibly fun lady and I know she is missed each and every day.  I think that it was very touching of Kelly to incorporate her aunt into her celebration.

When Kelly’s mom and I were trying to design the cupcakes, I knew I wanted them to be modern, yet classic. So I brainstormed on how to incorporate all these different ideas into one design and decided to make a monogrammed topper with a flower accent.  I thought that not only does yellow symbolize new beginnings, but so do flowers in the springtime.

I used yellow for the buttercream frosting, made monogrammed toppers out of purple fondant and used yellow fondant for the small flowers.

Here’s how I made them:

I rolled out the yellow fondant, cut the flowers with a small fondant cutter and pressed the center of each flower into the sponge to give the flower dimension and movement.





After I made an indentation in each flower, I attached sugar pearls and let the flowers dry.



After the flowers hardened a little, I started rolling out the purple fondant for the toppers.  I monogrammed the toppers after cutting them out with a round cookie cutter. After they dried, I then attached the yellow flowers and let them dry overnight.


After the toppers dried overnight, I made the buttercream, tinted it yellow and piped it on top of the cupcakes.  I then placed the fondant toppers on the icing and packaged them up for delivery!!


Check out the finished product…





I saw Kelly and her mom last week and they were really happy with the cupcakes.  They both said they were pretty and delicious – which is very important to me!!

I am so happy I was able to participate in such a special time with such a wonderful family and I wish Kelly lots of luck in her new beginnings!

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