Graduation Cake for Alexis!!!

Wow!  This is my favorite cake I have made so far.  It was the most fun to make, too.  Why you ask? …well it’s because it was for one of the cutest and nicest girls I know!

My aunt Cate…well, she’s not technically my aunt, but I call her that affectionately because she is like a sister to my mother.  They have been friends for…a really long time.  I would give out the specific number of years, but that would date everyone – including myself!  So let’s just say they have been friends forever!  Anyway, Aunt Cate asked me to make a cake for her daughter, Alexis, since she was graduating high school.

Honestly, I know I have said this before for a few other orders, but I knew Alexis when she was teeny tiny!  I remember when she was a little girl and now she is a beautiful young lady!  It’s so great to see how fabulous she turned out.  Her parents and family are so wonderful and they had a great influence on her.  She is beautiful, caring, fun, funny, smart and overall wonderful!

Well, her parents wanted to have a big party for her to celebrate this big milestone in her life and I was excited when I found out I was making the cake!!  When I spoke to Cate about the design, I knew I wanted to do something really special for Alexis because she deserves it!  It’s always nice to go the extra mile for people that truly deserve it and she’s one gal that does!

Her mom and I discussed Alexis’ many interests and hobbies and immediately I thought of a three tiered cake with each tier describing her three most favorite things.  Not to mention that three is symbolic in so many other ways, but it always represents the past, present and future – perfect for a young lady moving into a new phase of life.

Cate informed me that Alexis enjoys music: playing the bongos, singing, playing the piano/keyboard, the beach, stars, and she loves working with kids and teaching them.  So I ran with those ideas.

The first thing I did for this cake was sketch out my ideas and keep the design cohesive. Alexis’ favorite color is blue so I definitely wanted to make that a major component.  She also loves rice krispie treats, Tastycake Butterscotch krimpets and vanilla pound cake.  For those of you who aren’t from Philly, a butterscotch krimpet is a vanilla sponge cake with a thin layer of butterscotch frosting.  Honestly, it is one of the best things EVER!!  In order to satisfy all of her favorite flavors in one cake, I decided to do a different flavor for each layer.  This way Alexis could have her cake and eat it, too!!

The top tier was rice krispie treats, the middle was my version of the krimpet cake and the bottom layer was vanilla pound with vanilla buttercream.


Here is the top:


2011 with stars in her school colors and the bongos!






The middle tier described her interest in teaching and things school/classroom related.

The graduate!


School book, pencil and paw print from her school mascot-the cougar!


Her school mascot




Chalkboard, apple, ruler and bell with another paw print


The bottom tier were things related with going to the beach…another favorite pasttime of hers.


Beach umbrella and flip flops


Beach balls with pail and shovel


Some beaches have palm trees...


Beach lounge chair


Each design was hand piped with royal icing and the topper was made from fondant.

I hand painted the ocean with gel paste and piped waves on top.  For the sand, I used a mixture of graham crackers and brown sugar.


When I arrived at Alexis’ party, she was so excited when she saw the cake.  Cate said she came rushing in from outside as soon as she saw I was in the house.  When I saw her face light up with such excitement I was so happy because that is the best part about making these cakes – seeing people’s reactions.  She examined all the details and loved everything about it.

The party was so much fun, too.  Everyone had a great time celebrating Alexis.  She looked so cute and it was a blast to be around such amazing people.  Alexis’ dad and her uncle played live music for everyone and people were dancing, talking and laughing.  And honestly, if I hadn’t already booked a band for my wedding – I would’ve hired them because they’re so awesome!

I loved looking at the poster-board Cate made displaying all the memorable moments of Alexis’ life with her family.  They had pictures of their vacations, school photos, holy communion pictures, and some really funny candid shots – her mom saved everything!

I am so happy that I was able to make this cake for Alexis because she is such a fantastic young lady and she only deserves wonderful things in life and I hope the future brings them to her!!


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