Lindsay’s 21st Birthday Cake

I made this cake for Lindsay’s 21st birthday party. When I spoke to her mom, she told me all about Lindsay’s various interests and hobbies. She has so many!!!

So, when I started thinking about design elements, I knew I wanted to incorporate all or most of these interests onto the cake.

Her mom also told me that she is a “girly, girl” and that she loves pink. I mean, what girly girl doesn’t?! ┬áSo, I started brainstorming…and I came up with a hot pink cake with large and small polka dots and ┬ástars. I also wanted to have icons inside some of the polka dots depicting all her interests and things that portrayed her.




Here are some close up images of the things that characterize Lindsay!


Nursing stuff...


She loves basketball


She is a student at Drexel


She loves penguins and is a member of the Philadelphia Zoo


She is a nursing student


She attended Sacred Heart is her 21st afterall!!


She attended the University of Kentucky


She loves Flip Flops


She loves the Philadelphia Phillies

I had a great time making this cake and I hope Lindsay really enjoyed it and had a wonderful birthday!

Her mom emailed me after the party and said that everyone enjoyed looking at all the different elements and that it tasted delicious! Which I was SO excited to hear!! I love when people not only enjoy looking at my cakes and cookies but love the taste!! It’s the icing on the cake!



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