Bridesmaid and Wedding Cookies!

It’s getting closer…My wedding, that is! I can’t wait!! Only 4 more months until I’m a Mrs.

So to celebrate my upcoming day and my bridesmaids, I made festive cookies for each of them when we went dress shopping together.


I gave each girl a vanilla-almond sugar cookie with hot pink royal icing in the shape of a dress with a little bouquet! Although our wedding colors are black and pink, I thought the pink dress looked and probably tasted a lot better!



Plain Pink Dress


Dress with the bouquet

Basically all I did to make these cookies is trim down a wedding dress cookie cutter so it had a straighter look and appeared less bridal. I then used flood icing for the base and then piped over that as soon as it dried.

I also used a gum paste cutter to make the mini bouquets. I thought they added a fun little touch and since my girls are carrying hot pink flowers-it was perfect.

After everything dried I packaged the cookies in cello bags and added a pink and white tag that read “Bridesmaid” and wrapped 3 ribbons around the top.





I also made a flower girl cookie out of a wedding bell cookie cutter. I just trimmed the bottom part off to level out the skirt!

Here are some more images of the cookies with a few other wedding inspired creations!

All my girls loved them and I loved making them!!



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