Cute as a Bug!

Last week was my future mother-in-law’s birthday and I wanted to make her a cake to celebrate!  Some of her favorite things are her three grandchildren, flowers and ladybugs! Although she turned 53, she does have a 3 year old granddaughter, Alexis, so I thought I would make a cake that both of them could enjoy.

Alexis is one of her best friends. Everyday they play together and Yiayia” (which means grandmother in Greek) as she calls her, teaches Alexis to plant flowers and catch ladybugs.  Alexis’ aunt Lia even bought her a ladybug house to monitor and take care of all the ladybugs they found together.  It was so cute to watch Alexis name and describe all the little critters she collected.  She would tell me about each one and how she would put water in their house so that they wouldn’t be thirsty and so that they could take baths.  She’s so adorable!!

Alexis kept trying to touch the ladybug!



Josh loved the cake, too!


When I thought about the design of my cake I knew I had to make it fun for everyone.  I also wanted to incorporate all three grandchildren so I decided to make Yiayia the big bug and accent her with baby bugs, each one symbolizing her three grandkids.

The cake was vanilla pound and vanilla buttercream which is always a yummy choice. Everything was edible except for the antennae on the head.

My fiance’s mom, Anna, loved the big lady bug so much that she only served the bottom portion of the cake and saved the big lady bug in her freezer!

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