Go Phils!

I’ve made a lot of girly and whimsical cakes and have secretly always wanted to make a sports themed cake; especially a Philadelphia sports cake!  My fiancé is very into sports – almost borderline obsessed -so when I was contacted about making a Phillies themed Birthday cake for a little boy’s party – I knew it had to be the best!

I’ll be honest in saying that I don’t know much about sports.  I know the basics: homerun, touchdown, strikeouts, 3 point shots, but that’s about it.  So, I had to really think about the design of this cake.  I had to make it fun since it was for a little boy, had to be accurate since his mom said he is a huge Phillies fan and overall amazing because I take great pride in my work.

I decided to go with the traditional Phillies colors and decorate the cake with the different team logos, baseballs and stars.  I also wanted to be sure I included the birthday boy’s age so when he is older, he will remember how old he was when he had this cake.

Overall, I think it turned out great and when I delivered the cake and met the birthday boy, Christiaan, for the first time, he was so cute and seemed so excited to have a Phillies themed cake.  His parents were so nice, too, and I think they really loved the cake and the fact that their son was so happy.

This was a fun cake to make and I’m glad I made something that was totally different from what I normally do since I am always trying to broaden my horizons and portfolio!


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