Phillies Cake #2

I was so excited when my good friend Jen asked me to make a Phillies cake for her son’s birthday.  Her son Ryan is so cute and I can’t believe they were celebrating his 11th Birthday!!  I feel so old saying this, but I remember when he was a little guy!  So, it was a pretty big deal to be able to make his birthday cake. I was super excited and I think I’m becoming an expert on piping the Phillies logos! Soon I might be able to make a Phillies cake with my eyes closed…well, hopefully ;)

For this cake I wanted to try a different design than my last Phillies cake because I am very interested in trying new techniques.  Each cake I do is like a blank canvas and it’s so exciting to be able to experiment and use my imagination to make something come to life.  I also knew that she was serving less guests, so I didn’t need to make as much cake.

Even though I changed the design of the cake, I still kept some of the elements the same. I used the same logos and still incorporated the blue stars and baseballs. I mean, what’s a Phillies cake without logos and baseballs? Not a really good one if you ask me!

As always, everything is edible-including the huge baseball! And I am a very firm believer in my cakes not only looking great, but tasting even better!  Each fondant cake I make has layers of cake and buttercream icing (lots of it)!!

Jen told me the next day that her son loved the cake so much and that her husband said it was the best icing he ever tasted and to me, that is such a wonderful feeling!!

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