Easter’s almost here!

I don’t know about you, but I love Easter.  I love that Easter is a time to be with my family and celebrate and make awesome desserts and decorations!  I also love that it’s Spring and the beginning of nice weather (hopefully) and that it usually marks the time when you can open the windows in your car and house and let the fresh air in!

Well, in preparation for Easter I made various desserts and I will be sharing them at three different get-togethers!  First is with my family, then Bill’s family and our close friends!  I always think it’s so much fun to bring desserts to someone’s house when they invite you over.  It really shows that you took the time and effort to show them that you appreciate their invitation.  Plus, I love to bake!

Here are the photos! Enjoy!!

Make sure you check out the Bunny cake topper that I hand sculpted out of fondant.  Oh, and the chocolate covered Oreos!!  Yummy!!


As I stated before, I love to try new techniques and experiment with my baking and decorating.  So each time I make a dessert I want it to be the best it can be.  This especially applies to decorating cookies and cakes.  I enjoy taking the time to plan out my designs and ideas so that they will be show-stoppers!  As with life, you should never be complacent and always try and make yourself a better person, so I apply that mentality to my pastry art as well!

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