Joshy is 1!!!

I can’t believe my nephew is 1!!  I feel like this past year flew by!

Josh is such a cutie.  He is so smart and loves to check everything out.  He can just stare at you with his big brown eyes for hours!  And when you see those eyes-you just melt!

He gets bigger and bigger each day and he’s so active now.  He loves to play with little footballs and throw them around the house…boys will be boys.


Well, since he loves sports and because he’s a little man, I wanted to make a “sports themed” cake for our family celebration of his 1st birthday!

I made a chocolate chip cake and covered it with vanilla buttercream and used fondant cut-outs piped with royal icing on the sides.  And I also made Josh a single cupcake with a star cake pop for him to smash.


He was so methodical with the cupcake.  When we put it in front of him he just stared at it.

We think he was examining the sprinkles!

Then after a few minutes, he dove in for a bite!


Then came the messy part!!


I think he really enjoyed it!

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